Game of Hearts (Fandom Hearts #3) by Cathy Yardley

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Game of Hearts (Fandom Hearts #3) by Cathy YardleyTitle: Game of Hearts (Fandom Hearts, #3)
Author: Cathy Yardley
Series: Fandom Hearts #3
Published by: Indie
Release Date: January 30th, 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 170
Format: eARC
Reading Challenges: CC's Goodreads Reading Challenge
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My rating: five-stars


Kyla Summers has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime to get her cosplay business off the ground, and only one thing stands in her way. She needs someone to take over the auto shop, and there’s only one person she can think of to call…

Jericho Salomon hasn’t been back in his home town since he joined a biker gang and rode off nine years ago. When his best friend’s kid sister calls begging for help, he knows that he owes the family a debt and he intends to pay. This is easier said than done once he finds that the kid is all grown up…

She needs a pair of skillful hands. He needs to keep his hands off. When sparks begin to fly, can they keep things strictly business, or will their hearts get hopelessly tangled? No more games, it’s time to play for keeps.

My Review:

I received a free copy through in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

I loved this book. I’d say it was better than the last one really.  From the cover to the nerdiness I felt like the mother-ship had called me home!

Kyla was spunky and a furiously hard worker. She loved her family and was always there to help them. Especially her douche canoe of a brother who in my opinion did NOT get near what he deserved.  I really loved her self sufficiency and the way she tried to brush off other people letting her down.  She was upset but didn’t concentrate on the bad instead moving forward to resolve the issue.  It showed maturity and is definitely something I can identify with.  Also, she was not your run of the mill body type.  She was more realistic in that aspect.

The chemistry was amazing in this one.  It seems miss Yardley is getting more adventurous with writing her sex scenes.  I love how that has progressed and can’t wait to read her next work.

And of course I saved the best for last. ::Sigh:: Jericho, he was the sweetest.  A nerd in his own right, how can you not love that? jericho reminds me of my husband, he works on cars and just figures it out without looking at any directions.  Its pretty fricking impressive.  I love a man who can work with his hands. And this one knows how to use his other body parts just as expertly as well.  😉  Dayum.

Their story just sorta flowed.  No slow parts or confusing plot points, its was all tied up neatly and effortlessly, I breezed right though it in damn near one sitting.  For a book that is generally on the shorter side of what I read, it didn’t feel rushed if you know what I mean.  Sometimes the shorter ones pack a lot of stuff in them but this one was perfect in that way.  Just go read the book, hell go read the whole series so far, I promise you’ll enjoy it.

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