2018 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge — August Link-Up

Posted August 1, 2018 by lenoreo in 2018 Finishing the Series Challenge / 2 Comments

Welcome to the 2018 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge link-up for August!  Here you can link-up reviews for any books you’ve read towards completing your serieses (it doesn’t just have to be the final book in the series) in the month of August.  You could also link-up any update posts you make in this month.

  • Please sign up for the challenge before posting links to your reviews/updates.  Sign up for the challenge here.
  • This link-up will be open until August 31st, feel free to add your links throughout the month as your posts go up.  If you miss the deadline, just feel free to use September’s link-up.
  • Make sure your links go directly to your reviews, not to your blog/Goodreads page/YouTube channel/Insta account, etc.  We want everyone participating to be able to easily find your reviews!
  • For the purposes of clarity, please post your links using the following format in the “Name” field:
    • UPDATE POST @ your name/blog name. (example UPDATE POST @Celebrity Readers)
    • REVIEW: [BOOK TITLE] @ your name/blog name. (example REVIEW: Grin & Beard It @Celebrity Readers)
  • When sharing your reviews on social media, don’t forget to use the #FinishingTheSeries2018 hashtag, so we can all find your reviews.  Please feel free to use the hashtag for any updates as well.



2 responses to “2018 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge — August Link-Up

  1. Okay. My comment is totally not about this post, but I HAD to ask you. Have you read Rachel Higginson’s Trailer Park Heart yet? I just saw the cover reveal/blurb and I cannot wait for that one! Is it as good as I think it’s going to be? Just asking since I know you beta for her. 😉

    • lenoreo

      OMG, it looks so good right?? But dude, that girl is last minute everything. She won’t be finished writing it until like a few weeks before release…so I’m waiting just like you!! I can’t wait though…

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