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Cross the Hall Magic (Believers #1) by C. Guyer,  V. Guyer

Cross the Hall Magic (Believers #1) by C. Guyer, V. Guyer

I really liked how this started out.  It was exciting and funny.  However, the romance kept getting to the point where a moment happened, but then something would fumble it up, which is fine because it creates suspense and drama.  But when it keeps happening and the story doesn’t progress and I’m like halfway through […]

Stroked by Meghan Quinn

Stroked by Meghan Quinn

DNF @ 38% — I was really excited for this one, since a) it was recommended by blogs I follow; and b) I LOVE the sport of swimming.  Unfortunately I was turned off almost immediately by the inclusion of a ridiculously over the top and horrific secondary character, Bellini.  I’m assuming she is modeled after […]