The Ring (Cursed #1) by Mantissa Creed

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cursed the ringBlurb: Alexandra is determined to know her true nature.
However, with the truth, comes love, intertwined with lust, infatuation and unfulfilled desires. Knowing her inescapable past, Alexandra realizes that her existence is not only uncertain, but is also bound by a curse that threatens her existence. Not only does she need The Ring to stay alive, she also must kill The Vangel. Soon she’s tangled in a love triangle if not quadrangle of which one of her close companions is The Vangel.
One lifeline. One true love. And a Curse.








I got about three percent in and couldn’t take the tropey-ness anymore.  Honestly, I think I strained my eye muscles.  Its a shame too because I really liked the cover and the title. Geez, I’m having some serious bad luck with my backlist of books.

This book is currently unavailable to purchase.  Darn, I was gonna ask you all to read it and compare notes.

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    • Coming home after runnning away and not being able to resist the male MC she left behind. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a good trope but it wasn’t done well IMO.

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