Until You’re Mine by Cindi Madsen

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Until You’re Mine by Cindi MadsenTitle: Until You're Mine
Author: Cindi Madsen
Series: Fighting for Her #1
Published by: Entangled: Embrace
Release Date: January 22nd 2018
Format: eARC
Pages: 294
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Source: the author
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My rating: four-half-stars


You might’ve heard of me, Shane Knox, the guy who rose quickly through the MMA fighter ranks, only to crash just as fast. No one cares about personal reasons when it comes to losing fights and money. I’m determined to get back to where I was. For you to hear my name again. I’ve finally convinced the owner of Team Domination to take a chance and get me back in fighting—and winning—shape. What I didn’t bargain for is the guy’s spitfire of a daughter. Factor in her two professional-fighter brothers who are acting as my coaches and the fact that my career hangs in the balance, and Brooklyn’s the last girl I should be fantasizing about.

The closer we get, the more I want Brooklyn. The stakes are high, and I know there’s a big chance of both of us getting hurt, but I won’t stop until she’s mine.

My Review:

I received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

4.5 stars — OK, that one ended with a freaking bang man.  I was actually a little wary at the beginning, b/c while I was enjoying myself, I worried it might not be a complete winner for me personally purely based on the focus on Shane’s muscles…which, you’re going to say, are you nuts Lenore?  Well yes, I suppose I am.  You see, I belong to this strange small subsection of humans (I was going to say women, but I’m sure gay men might feel similarly) who isn’t that attracted to large muscles.  Tone?  OH YES.  Muscles?  Ummm… *shrugs*  Don’t throw stones.  When it comes to the physical appearance aspects of a hero, my draws tend to be in eyes and smiles and cute butts.  And quite honestly, personality and attitude always trumps all of that.  So when Brooklyn obsessed over his muscles and his arms and his shredded abs, well…I might have felt my attention wandering.  *gasp* right?  What can I say, I’m a unicorn.

So all that to say that I was worried that this would be a romance based mostly on the physical, which are cool, but don’t tend to be rockstar winners with me, you know?  BUT THEN…OMG THEN…  Then Ms. Madsen came out with the double whammy character clincher!!  A hilarious kickass heroine, that I have basically zero in common with, but that made me laugh and feel for and root for; and a swoony hero, who despite his alpha tendancies, had a seriously kind heart and vulnerable chewy center, and did I mention he was also hilarious and a smartass?  Yup, I was done for.  Honestly, the two together had so many witty rejoinders, I was in “want to highlight it, but seriously Lenore why are you highlighting that?” heaven.  I did rein myself in…a bit.

And I was so freaking worried about the boyfriend!!  Cheating is a button issue for me, so I dance around it like I’m walking on coals, people.  But Ms. Madsen balanced it nicely so that I didn’t end up hating Brooklyn, or Trey, or Shane.  She amped up the sexual tension to the max, but didn’t cross that line.  And all without making anyone a bad guy, not easy to do…  Well, except Conrad, but he was supposed to be.

And the great thing about the way the plot was set up is that we got to see Brooklyn and Shane connect on a deeper level b/c they couldn’t initially give into their chemistry…which just made that moment when they finally good that much steamier.  And damn, this one had good heart too.  I totally got weepy a few times at the end.  I loved the way it played out, even if I was worried for a bit.

I thought the elements of MMA (which I don’t follow, though have watched a bit with my bro) and training really added to the story…  I really loved how Shane saw Brooklyn as strong, and not just for a girl.  And I loved the elements of her paintings that were added in, and I really kind of wish they were real, b/c I can picture them in my mind.

I also really loved the way Brooklyn’s relationship with her Dad worked out.  I don’t like easy magic turnarounds, and this was believable for me…  And DUDE, Finn and Liam are da bomb!!  I can’t wait for their books.  I’m so curious about Liam and Chelsea, and I’m already halfway in love with Finn, so I want him to have a good love story too…  Now for the painful waiting exercise…something I’m definitely not good at.

So yeah, despite the rocky start with all those muscles, this one ended up being a total hit for me.

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