Silence: Part Two of Echoes Silence (Dark Secrets #6) by Angela M. Hudson

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Silence: Part Two of Echoes Silence (Dark Secrets #6) by Angela M. HudsonTitle: Silence: Part Two of Echoes Silence
Author: Angela M. Hudson, Angela M. Hudson
Published by: Indie
Release Date: January 28th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 623
Format: Kindle Book
Reading Challenges: CC's Finishing the Series Reading Challenge, CC's Goodreads Reading Challenge, CC's Science Fiction vs Fantasy Bingo 2018
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My rating: three-stars


Final book in the completed Dark Secrets series

They fought this hard for love. Now, they must fight for their child.The final book in the epic vampire series Dark Secrets.

*Read previous books in order

My Review:

This book satisfies a spot on my #SFvFBingo reading challenge. I’m putting it on Bite Me. It also counts towards my Finishing the Series Challenge we are hosting. Now, it says its the final book in this series but on the amazon page it shows one more, however, it is categorized as a novel length epilogue and I am not reading that.

Honestly I read this series sooooo long ago I barely remembered it when I started. The series is very detailed and I forgot how much drama there was. I remembered as we went along but it seemed so high school that I just kept laughing at the ridiculousness of the story line.  It was info dump after info dump and the dialogue was choppy.  IT seemed the author was just trying to come up with fluff to fill the pages and tie up the loose ends. She did fill it with unnecessary story lines and plot points but in the end nothing was really resolved.

I felt totally disconnected to Ara’s character. She was whiny and wishy washy and seemed to make a rash decision without thinking it through.  Then she would just stick with it even if she was wrong because she was too stubborn to see anyone else’s POV.

David was way too enabling in my opinion, not to mention his tastes were borderline sadistic.  The only one I’m real sad about is Jason. He was the best character in this book and he got the worst story line!  I wanted Jason to get the girl but then his character was drastically changed in this book. So much so I felt the author just got lazy in the end and couldn’t figure out a way to resolve his actions so she made him get amnesia.  Bummer.




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