Love at Furst Sight (Built Fur Love #1) by Terry Bolryder

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Love at Furst Sight (Built Fur Love #1) by Terry BolryderTitle: Love at Furst Sight (Built Fur Love, #1)
Author: Terry Bolryder
Series: Built Fur Love #1
Published by: Indie
Release Date: September 3, 2018
Pages: 199
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Reading Challenges: CC's Goodreads Reading Challenge
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My rating: three-stars


Constructing a home for his mate may be this big bear builder’s hardest job of all…

Garrett Wilson has finally found his mate. And even if his best friends and coworkers are suspicious of the sudden revelation that it’s their newest client, Garrett trusts the bear inside him to know best. There’s just one small issue…she doesn’t know he’s a bear, and they’re only now meeting for the first time.

Dawn Henderson thought she was ready to pick up stakes and move her life out to the little town of Silver Lake, but she never expected her contractor to be an impossibly tall, handsome and kind man that makes new parts of her wake up inside. The problem is he wants everything, and she’s not sure she’s ready to take that kind of chance.

Whatever it takes, Garrett is going to build Dawn the home of her dreams. And along the way, he’s going to show her the true depths of a bear’s love. But even though their chemistry is earth-shattering, there are secrets out in the woods surrounding Dawn’s new home, and no amount of work may be able to protect their budding dreams.

MY BOOKS WILL NEVER CONTAIN: Cheating, unfaithful heroes, or an ending that is anything but happy.

My Review:

This was a lukewarm shifter romance for me. The main characters, Dawn and Garrett, didn’t stand out but were pretty generic as shifters go.  And Dawn was too bland for my tastes.  She just didn’t stand out in any way.  She worked and had some inheritance but there’s wasn’t anything special about her to make me care about her one way or another.  Her back story was weak and didn’t go into enough detail. It was too much telling and not enough showing for me.

Also, their romance didn’t had a lot of chemistry. It seemed too practical and logical. They talked about their romance as if it were a transaction.  And they stayed too long on ‘what would happen after’ when it was clear from both sides they wanted to continue the relationship after the house was built.  The fact that they dancecd around that throughout the book with no development or evolution was kind of a story killer for me.

The climax was super lame and seemed to be a last minute afterthought.  IT didn’t really have much to do with the MC’s, at least not directly.

I finished it because it was short enough for me too but I will most likely not be reading anymore of this series.

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