Anything but Minor (Balls in Play #1) by Kate Stewart

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Anything but Minor (Balls in Play #1) by Kate StewartTitle: Anything but Minor (Balls in Play, #1)
Author: Kate Stewart
Series: Balls in Play, #1
Published by: Indie
Release Date: July 15, 2016
Format: Kindle Book
Pages: 273
Genres: Sports Romance
Reading Challenges: CC's Goodreads Reading Challenge
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My rating: five-stars


“She’s a nerd.”“Heyyyy!”“Okay, she’s a flight instructor.”“Better.”“He’s a ballplayer.”“The best that ever was.”“Technically, you aren’t according to MLB stats.”“See? Total nerd. She also has no filter.”“He’s no southern gentlemen.”“I had one last season to prove my worth.”“I’d never seen a game.”“He told me he was a player.”“She told me she was a lesbian.” “But you fell in love with me anyway.”“Yeah, baby, I totally did.”

My Review:

This book was fantastic! So much geography incorporated into the story, now I want to visit Charleston!

Alice was a bit of a loner growing up and pretty restricted by her mom.  I loved how she knew what she wanted and just went for it.  Not a whole lot of people can be a pilot, especially as a woman in a male dominated field.  And with her upbringing I thought for sure she would be more shy but I was pleasantly surprised.  She didn’t avoid confrontation either, as I would have expected.  In fact, she was pretty boisterous.  But not over the top annoying.  Alice was someone after my own heart, wanting to try everything and having numerous best day evers! 

And Rafe! OMG he was the most romantic alpha male I have ever read. He has moved to the top of my list for book boyfriends. No end alice, no end.  And he didn’t even try to fight his attraction.  Something that a lot of alpha males are prone to do in a sports romance.  He liked her and as he got to know her, he knew pretty soon that she was gonna be special, but he didn’t try to avoid it.  He went in hole hog and asked everything of her nearly from the start. Many would think it was too soon, but the way he went about it was just so sweet.  

Favorite Quotes:

Rafe pushed me just as I was lifted and rocked me back with a wink. As soon as I began to rise, a stream poured from between my legs. There was no stopping it. I peed when I was nervous, excited, or scared. Like a dog. I peed. And I was pretty sure I’d just slapped Rafe in the chest with it.

“Are you telling me she’s playing lesbian?” “I’m just saying”—she bent over the bar and gave me an eyeful of cleavage, which I appreciated for half a second—“exactly, Rafe.” She motioned to her chest. “I must have done that a few times and her eyes never hit pay dirt once. She’s bluffing.” “To keep me away,” I said, stunned. “Yes, big head.” Kristina walked down the bar as I sat there fuming. The woman had managed to piss me off twice since I met her and had made a fool of me. Oh yes, there would be fucking.

Touching her earlier had felt so fucking right and had tested every single part of the man in me. If I was honest, she seemed fine with being alone. In truth, I needed her. Every time she looked at me, I wanted more of it. Every time she opened those perfect lips to speak, it was like Christmas.

I had nothing original to offer except myself, and even then I wasn’t sure it was what she needed. She had such high expectations of life, and I wasn’t sure I could be the man to meet them. It was only when I’d realized I’d fallen so goddamned hard for her that I really began to worry. She’d confessed she loved me too, and that was all I could really ask for.

“I trust you, Alice. I don’t trust the world, but I do trust you.” I saw her perfect lips part as if she were going to speak as she looked at me with soft eyes and decided against it. “What?” “Nothing, I just…I know it was…hard for you to say that.” I shook my head in negation. “Not with you, not anymore.” “Why?” “Because you’re the most incredible, sincere, and beautiful woman I have ever met.” She lowered her chin to my chest, and I lifted it up so we were face to face. I wrapped my arms around her as she gripped me tight. “You aren’t alone anymore, Alice, and you never will be again, not you. You’re too good for the world around you. And you are too good for me.” Her mouth parted again as shock registered on her face and a silent tear fell down her cheek. “But the thing is, I love you, and I’ll be damned if I give anyone else the chance to.”

I’d tasted her, and now she lingered everywhere, my lips, my tongue. She had me so hard up, I stayed semi the rest of the game. I wanted to bury my face between those legs and hear that moan that sounded like a song for me. I wanted to lick every inch of her and then lose myself so deep inside she’d forget to breathe. And then I wanted to fuck her back to life stroke by stroke.


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  1. This one sounds good!!! Although, Rafe is not my favorite name. It reminds me of the guy off Days of Our Lives and I don’t care for him for some reason. (Which is funny because I don’t even watch the show.)

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