But First, Coffee (Love & Coffee #1) by Sarah Darlington

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But First, Coffee (Love & Coffee #1) by Sarah DarlingtonTitle: But First, Coffee
Author: Sarah Darlington
Series: Love & Coffee #1
Published by: Indie
Release Date: September 9, 2018
Pages: 232
Genres: Women's Fiction, Romance
Reading Challenges: CC's Goodreads Reading Challenge
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My rating: three-stars


She’s the boss.I’m only a barista in her company.I really don’t give a f**k about her one way or the other.

And then there’s Doug Maddox, a man with a lot of power over me. He’s blackmailing me. Making me spy on her. I’m supposed to find her weaknesses and destroy her. But the closer I get, the more the lines between us start to blur.

She’s sweet. She’s kind. She’s sexy as hell.Why am I the only man who see’s this?

So now I’m stuck—between keeping my sister safe against Doug, because that’s what’s really at stake here, and these feelings I can’t deny for a woman who shouldn’t mean anything to me.

I know what I have to do. I’ll destroy her.It doesn’t matter if I have to destroy my own heart in the process.

My Review:

Favorite Quote:

Joe Coffee cleaned up like a freaking diamond in the rough. Like a banana split sundae on a hot summer day. Like an orgasm with a brand-new vibrator.

There were some great quotes in this book.  But for the most part the story was choppy and felt a bit forced.  Lana was a good MC, except I found her to be a bit too controlling and micro-managing.  It was something she was working on, so I did get to see that character development. And I liked the way she held herself against the ‘big bad’. It was classy, although her attraction to Joe lacked chemistry for me.

Joe was alright, he was smart, manipulative and apparently had a weakness for good looking women.  And he was close with his sister, although it seemed he was just always cleaning up her messes instead of any real want or desire to help her.  Honestly, I found that whole thing a bit annoying.  Joe was working his ass off to help his sister and she was a dowright ungrateful bitch about it.  Even in the end when she came through in the climax, it was too easy and sloppy.  Everything just came together in the end with no real difficulty, so it was kinda boring.

I gotta say, I’m growing tired of these books where the love interest is ‘different’ or ‘special’ but we don’t see what those qualilties are.  They are just regular people and the MC is just physically attracted to them. Just call it what it is.

I’ll not read the next one because the sister is the MC and I didn’t like her at all so I don’t care waht happens to her.

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