Going Down by Sandra Marie

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Going Down by Sandra MarieTitle: Going Down
Author: Sandra Marie
Series: Romance for all Seasons #4
Published by: Indie
Release Date: January 1st 2019
Format: eARC
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Source: the author
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My rating: four-half-stars


When the clock strikes midnight, will she seal more than a deal?

Lily May moved from her small Southern town to the big city to make a name for herself. No matter how many times life knocks her down she gets right back up on her five inch heels and keeps going. When she finds out billionaire Ashton lives in her building she is determined to snag him as a client, but what she doesn’t expect is the unexplained sparks that ignite every time they’re near each other.

Ashton is used to people trying to use him to get ahead in the business world and has made it a hobby of turning people away. However, the southern belle with the big smile and great legs, doesn’t know how to quit. As each encounter grows more intense he resolves to keep his distance. But on New Year’s Eve, when their elevator gets stuck, Ashton has nowhere to hide.

Time is running out, temptation is burning hot, and when the clock strikes midnight secrets will be revealed. But when the doors finally open will they walk out together or as they went in: alone?

My Review:

I received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

4.5 stars — OK, I wasn’t sure I was going to fall in love super hard with this one based on the preview in the previous book, but I DID!!  It was super cute, I LOVED our MCs, it was just fun and smile inducing!

So why wasn’t I sure about it?  Well, Lily May is not a girl I thought I would relate to.  She loves designer stuff (like purses and shoes), which is NOT ME.  And I am very sensitive to the whole Southern charm/hokey phrases thing…I don’t know why, but if not done right it can really set me off because it feels like making fun or stereotyping, you know?  But Lily May…I don’t know why, but it all just worked for her.  She was, in a word, endearing.  I LOVED her spirit and spunk.  I’m not a goal setter either, so I didn’t always relate to her positive affirmations, but they just FIT with her.  She was Lily May, and I loved who she was.  It was hard not to love her.  She was determined and smart and creative and thoughtful and full of beautiful positivity.  Which is not to say she didn’t falter, that her bravado didn’t occasionally slip, but I think that’s what makes her so real, and what makes someone like me, who is SO DIFFERENT, still connect to her and want her to succeed.  She’s someone I would love to have as a friend.

Ashton actually had more ups and downs for me, which surprised the crap out of me!!  He was so blinded by his own ambitions, by his own view of the world and his own dreams, that he found it hard to understand someone who wanted different things.  I believe very firmly that we, as humans, are very different, and it takes different things to make us happy.  So he made me so cranky sometimes because he didn’t see that!  He was so positive he was right.  It was his major flaw, and I LOVED seeing Lily May open his eyes in that respect.  But in other aspects, he was a total sweetheart.  He may not have been effusive in his praise and affections, but he was thoughtful in more subtle ways.  And I appreciated that he didn’t resist change too much.

The romance was beyond sweet.  They just made me smile.  I truly felt their connection, and how it sort of turned from crushes into more.  I was actually a bit bummed that it was fade-to-black, b/c I bet their steamy scenes would have been amazing!  I loved that they both brought out different sides to the other, even though I noticed it more in Lily May bringing out a lighter side of Ashton.

As with all the stories in this series, it was so fun to see cameos of characters we love.  I love that it’s a complete stand-alone, but that if you do read the whole series, you get all these extra goodies.

And again, shout out for LGBT inclusivity with the Dads.  Not made a big deal, just normal.  *slow clap*

And can I just say that while I was slow in figuring out the title, it was fun having that lightbulb moment…it made it so perfect, I love that.

So yeah.  If you love cute quirky characters, you really need to check out this book, or heck the whole series.  I can’t wait for more!

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5 responses to “Going Down by Sandra Marie

  1. I think you won me over just as much as the characters won you over in this one. I am not a big fashion person, either. When I read your initial thoughts I could relate to them. This one sounds so cute, though! I feel like I say that about all your reads, but I’m truly making a big list with hopes to fit them all in sometime! I swear!

    • lenoreo

      Sometimes books just hit all your right spots, you know?? I hope that you enjoy some of the same ones I did!! It’s so hard, b/c everyone is different…I’m always so worried about making recommendations!

      And don’t worry, you’ve made my list bigger a LOT, so we’re even!

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